We provides general services to the camps of companies operating in Aramco, through specialized expertise trained to provide them with the latest machinery and equipment at competitive prices according to Aramco specifications and conditions. These services are as follows:

1 The supply of petroleum products

Our company provides petroleum products of gasoline and diesel to the sites of these companies according to demand, with a commitment to the delivery date. In order for us to be safe, all the requirements and safety requirements of Aramco specifications are followed.

2 Supplying of Sweet & Row Water

We provide this water according to the required standards with a fleet of tanks equipped to meet the requirements of the companies Camps and we are always takecare on cleanliness and quality of water so we use sterilizers and chemical solutions required to ensure that they reach the required specifications with the Work-Site and laboratory tests, daily, weekly and monthly of water samples used to ensure the quality Water provided.

3 garbage removal Services

Our company provides the service of collecting and transporting garbage from the companies’ camps with the latest equipment and mechanisms required from Aramco and transporting them to specific places approved by government agencies and Aramco.

4 Sewage removal services

Our company also provides the service of removing and transporting sewage water from the companies’ camps to the Specific places with the latest tanks and specialized equipment, With confirmation of compliance with the requirements