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Grassing | Royal Palace – Dubai

Zander was invited by a well-known local landscape contractor to carry out regeneration trials on newly-planted turf grass affected by salinity and compaction at the entrance to a large royal palace on the outskirts of Dubai.

Four 70m2 trial plots were set up along the main entrance driveway, where the recently planted Paspalum turf grass was showing severe patchiness and poor growth.

Zander Organic was added as a dry, finely milled top dressing to existing turf areas. Our Zander Humate (a super-concentrated, liquid extract of Zander Organic) was also applied as a foliar spray using backpack sprayers.

The results showed that the Plot D (treated with both Zander Organic and Zander Humate) responded very positively after only three days, putting on strong, even, green growth, when compared to the control.

Wide applicability for regeneration of turf areas.

The images above show the difference in quality of growth between Plot A – Control group untreated (left) and Plot D – treated with Zander Organic + Zander Humate (right).

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