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Mangrove cultivation – Kuwait

One of the more important properties of Zander is its ability to facilitate crop husbandry in saline environments.

A product trial was carried out on a large coastal property development in southern Kuwait in 2007 – 08, across an area covering some 75km2 comprising a series of canals, islands and seafront.

 The soils contained extremely high salinities (greater than 35,000ppm, or that of normal seawater), highly alkaline (up to pH 9), and with no organic matter or nutrients.

Zander Organic (ZO) and Zander Mycorrhiza (ZM) were successfully used to propagate a range of salinity tolerant plants (including the grey mangrove, Avicennia marina) in the on-site nursery, and in the planting soil used to establish the vegetation in the saline soils.

The trial was so successful that ZO and ZM were subsequently used for landscaping the rest of the site.

Grey mangrove (Avicennia marina) propagation trials.

Average 35% increased growth rates than control group.

The images above show the difference in quality of growth between Control group – treatment D, marine sand only (left) and Control group – treatment C, marine sand + Zander and mycorrhiza. (right).

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