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Our Products

Zander Humus

A highly organic sediment found in anoxic boreal lakes. It retains water and supplies nutrients and humic substances over a long period, enabling plants to establish in the poorest of soils. Only one application needed for a transplant.

Zander Aridgrow mycorrhiza

Selection of five types of symbiotic root fungi that supply the crop plants with nutrients and water in exchange for small amounts of sugar. They are adapted for a wide range of hostile conditions and act synergetically with Zander humus to facilitate strong establishment. Image: (Left) root with and (right) without Mycorrhiza

Zander Humate

A soluble extract of Zander Humus which contains light mineral elements, amino acids and humic substances. It is applied as a foliar spray and works by catalysing the processes that result in protein formation. The effect is to maximise growth and fruit quality and to protect the plant against pest, disease and cold conditions.

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