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Al Jouf olive plantation – Saudi Arabia

A product trial was carried out in 2018-19 at the Al Jouf olive plantation in Saudi Arabia

It is the largest olive farm in the world, covering 7,730 hectares and comprising nearly 8,000,000 olive trees

The trial tested Zander’s mycorrhiza product against a number of control conditions, across a total of 210 trees (4 x sample groups of 70 trees each)

The results were deemed to be so promising that a full commercial trial of 7,000 trees has been commissioned for this year 2019-2020

The images above show the difference in quality of growth between the control group (left) and the mycorrhiza-treated group (right)

Bar charts showing comparison of Zander vs traditional cultivation’s

Zander grown trees used 94% less water than traditionally grown ones.

For every 1 million trees, Zander saves 2.37 billion litres.

Zander creates sustainable, green, energy and cost-efficient living.